【On-Demand Replay】Hello Tomorrow Japan - 2020 Paris Global Summit Preview - Part 2


The coronavirus outbreak is a reminder that we need to promote and support new emerging technologies, in order to combat widespread diseases, and build a sustainable future.
Deep Tech innovation has the potential to solve major industrial, environmental and social world challenges as well as creating entirely new industries, for a better future.

On June 11, Finalist start-ups from the Hello Tomorrow 2020 Global challenge gave us an online preview of their cutting-edge solutions across all major technological tracks.

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Hello Tomorrow helps connecting Japanese Deep Tech players with the global community to foster interaction and collaboration between enterprises, public entities, investors, startups, and entrepreneurs around the globe.



Keynote – The Nexus of 3Es: Energy, Environment and Economy - Christina Gyenge, Agora Energy CEO & co-founder

Finalist start-up pitches – Energy
SurgePower Materials, Inc (USA) - Think Efficient and Green - The Root of Energy - Michael Opoku, CEO
CSAR Energy (Canada) – Storing the Sun's renewable energy in a clean fuel - Dino Mehanovic, CEO
Agora Energy (Canada) – Powering the Future with CO2: A Transformative Carbon Dioxide Redox Flow Battery to enable the Global Energy Transition - Christina Gyenge, CEO & co-founder

Finalist start-up pitches - Advanced computing & AI, Environment
Celadyne Technologies (USA) - Decarbonizing the world with hydrogen – Gary Ong, CEO & Founder

Keynote - Ernest Xue, Hello Tomorrow Singapore Deep Tech expert "Deep Tech Opportunities in the Singapore Innovation Complex"

Finalist start-up pitches – Advanced computing and AI, Industry 4.0 & Energy
UPMEM (France) - Scale Big Data and AI with Processing In Memory, the new data centric computing architecture - Gilles HAMOU, CEO & co-founder
C12 (France) - Delivering quantum chips with the required performances to unleash computational power - Pierre Desjardins, Co-founder & CEO
Plasmion (Germany) – “electronic nose sensor” for real-time measurement in different industrial environments - Jan-Christoph Wolf, Executive Director
Teratonics (France) - Revealing the invisible for 100% inline quality control and automated inspection - Uli Schmidhammer, CEO & Co-founder
Bioo (Spain) - Generation of electricity from plants - Pablo Vidarte, Founder & CEO

Finalist start-up pitches – Digital health and medical devices
Altoida (Switzerland) - Alzheimer's Disease Prediction Service (ADPS): the most comprehensive digital biomarker platform for brain health prediction, monitoring and prevention - Richard Fischer, Chief Executive Office

Next steps for Hello Tomorrow Japan and Hello Tomorrow challenge overview.


SurgePower Materials have developed a high purity graphene produced from locally sourced renewable plant materials, with unravelling surface area of 2956 m2/g and pore volume of 5.0 cm3/g tailored for high energy and power density batteries.
Dr. Michael Opoku, President and CEO is a professional engineer with 12+ years combined experience in industry, and technology commercialization. He holds two doctorate degrees, PhD in Chemical Engineering from University of Newcastle and PhD in Materials Science, Engineering and Commercialization from Texas State University. He was honored to be named 2017 Finalist at the Collegiate Inventors Competition organized by the US National Inventors Hall of Fame.

CSAR Energy
’s proprietary reactor technology uses either solar heat or electricity to produce renewable chemicals, helping decarbonize billion-dollar industries with minimal added cost.
Dino Mehanovic
is an engineering graduate, currently pursuing a PhD on the commercial assessment of CSAR Energy’s technology. His ability to create traction for a startup project has been recognized through multiple entrepreneurship awards. By combining his technical and business skills, he has been successfully leading CSAR Energy’s strategic orientation. Up to now, along with CSAR’s other co-founders, he has helped secure more than 600 k$ in equity-free funding.

Agora is an emerging engineering company that innovates and develops advanced materials and electrochemical technologies. The company positions itself in a groundbreaking field of CO2 - based power sources.
Dr. Gyenge
is a Chemical Engineer with professional experience in multi and cross-disciplinary fields: biomedical, chemical and energy engineering. Her career is dedicated to developing innovative technologies that open new frontiers in clean energy. She is currently building a company focused on developing viable and scalable carbon-negative energy systems that address simultaneously two major societal needs: Renewable Energy Storage and CO2 Utilization.

Celadyne is a materials startup developing nanocomposite membranes for fuel cells. Our materials allow operation at higher temperature to simplify the device while improving efficiency and durability.
Gary Ong is founder of Celadyne and a fellow at Argonne National Lab. He completed his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley with an NSF fellowship where he developed polymer nanocomposites and ion transport materials. With his advisor, Delia Milliron, he founded Celadyne to commercialize research from the PhD to help accelerate the transition towards a decarbonized future.

UPMEM offers a unique chip based Processing In Memory acceleration technology for Big Data & AI, boosting applications throughput 20x, while being 10x more energy efficient, with 10x better TCO.
Gilles Hamou
is CEO & co-founder of UPMEM. He carries, the UPMEM project and its teams since 2015.
Entrepreneur, engineer from Ecole Centrale Paris with an MBA from INSEAD, after starting in IT and at the Boston Consulting Group, Gilles chaired, alone or with other founders, the development of innovative leading start-ups and scale-ups, with hundreds of employees and hundreds of millions of revenues.

C12 Quantum Electronics aims at producing reliable quantum processors thanks to an elementary material, the carbon nanotube. Its roadmap is driven towards the resolution of early specific use cases and relies on unique expertise developed for ten years at Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris).
Pierre Desjardins is CEO & co-founder of C12 Quantum Electronics. He studied engineering at Ecole Polytechnique, completed with a Master of Science at Columbia University where he first discovered the potential of quantum information processing. After six years at Roland Berger, a global consultancy firm, he is now leading C12 to reconnect quantum power to reality.


Plasmion developed an „electronic nose sensor“ based on its SICRIT technology, which simplifies traditional chemical analysis in the lab market and enables to transfer its performance in an automated system for industrial applications.
Jan Wolf studied chemistry at the TU Munich and specialized in organic and analytical chemistry. From 2010 he did his doctorate at the TUM under the supervision of Prof. R. Niessner in the field of aerosol measurement technology and mass spectrometry. After his graduation he did research at ETH Zurich on new ionization methods for the detection of chemical warfare agents. In 2016, Jan Wolf founded Plasmion GmbH with his brother Thomas Wolf and has been its CEO ever since.

Teratonics provides breakthrough terahertz non-destructive imaging solutions and services for the online control of dimensions and defects inside plastics, composites, their assemblies and coatings.
Dr. Uli Schmidhammer is Teratonics’s CEO with 20 years of experience in high-technologies and management. Expert on photonics, he has led the development of the patented pulsed Terahertz sensing from its very beginnings in 2006 through the company foundation in 2017. On this way, Uli animated the evolution of the start-up, its team and its pioneer work on industrial automated control solutions.

Bioo is dedicated to the generation of electricity from nature. The company is already commercializing products, and its business model is based on the expansion of the R&D line, including the generation of electricity from photosynthesis. The company is supported by the European Union, having being named as the most innovative company of the continent by the European Parliament.
Pablo M. Vidarte
is currently Chief Executive Officer at Arkyne Technologies. Inventor and developer of Bioo, Arkyne’s leading project for the generation of electricity from plants' photosynthesis. His areas of work include business management, engineering and finances.
Other projects involve the development of geo-localization tracking hardwares, evolutionary artificial intelligence softwares and systems for the organic generation of hydrogen in rivers for clean fuel applications.

is a predictive digital biomarker company offering the most accurate medical device for early detection of Alzheimer's prior to symptom onset. Our mission is to rethink brain health & strive for innovations!
Dr. Richard Fischer
is a passionate leader with an unbeatable track record in international medical device businesses. As a trained General Surgeon he quickly moved into corporate executive roles in the medical device space 18 years ago to help treat patients with innovative products. His visionary approach to achieve sales & revenue and his honest passion to constantly rethink brain health makes him The perfect fit to lead this Start-Up.


Ernest Xue is the co-founder and CEO of Slate Alt, a team of professionals focused on investing in and facilitating the growth of technology-related ventures. He also serves as the head of Hello Tomorrow Singapore, a non-profit hub for deep-tech innovation. His work primarily revolves around helping highly technical innovations find pathways to market adoption and helping these innovators navigate toward successful exits. He was previously also on the investment committee of one of Singapore's leading wealth management houses, responsible for over $1 billion of assets under administration.

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